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Provide your children safe and secure smartphone experience by keep monitoring their mobile phone activities

View Phone Gallery

Track full phone gallery with Parental Control App and can even download photos and other files remotely

Track Activities

Spy on all the smartphone activities with Parental Control App like Facebook, Calls, SMS, WhatsApp, GPS etc.

Why you need Parental Control with spy app?

Most of the children are lying with their parents about their hiking with friends. As children are not sharing everything with their parents, it may happen sometimes that they may fall in some dangerous situations and being shameful to talk with you. At that time they may take some risky decisions which are harmful to themselves. So, the Parental Control is quite necessary these days

Nowadays, the internet becomes a necessary part of human life. It is nearly impossible to restrict your child and especially to those teenagers who are very curious to learn new things. No matter that it is a good way to learn something new but, as we all know that every coin has two sides like similarly there are some inappropriate things for your children at this age.

The fake gambling offers, fake dating sites, games, violence, porn videos, and magazines may affect badly on your kid’s mind. So, as a parent, it is necessary to protect your kids from these predators by parental control app.

The SpyHuman Parental Control app helps you to protect your kids against these internet threats and keep those dangerous and harmful things away from your beloved kids. With this app, you can easily monitor your kid’s online and offline activities without knowing to them. You can track full Call details with incoming and outgoing call logs, Phone gallery, GPS location, SMS activities, Social media activities and much more.

According to one survey, teenagers and young adults are mostly targeted by the cyber criminals and also getting the attack to them regularly. On the other hand, your children may be bullied you through the bad social network, calling, SMS, inappropriate email activities and due to this, they may get involved in the shameful and guilty situation. As a parent, you need to know the truth and only then, you can protect your children.

The SpyHuman parental control app can help you secretly spy GPS location, SMS, Call details, Internet browsing and many more things without knowing to your children and this helps for parental control. So, with the SpyHuman provide your children safe and secure smartphone experience.

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