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SIM Change Alert

Get notify when the targeted user changes his/her SIM card with SIM Change Alert feature of SpyHuman App.Now no need about theft of your mobile phone.

( IMEI Tracker, SIM Track, SIM Security, Anti Theft Android, SIM Change Notification )

Call Restriction - SpyHuman - Free Android Spy App sim change alert Android Mobile SIM Change Alert Call Restriction SpyHuman Free Android Spy AppFollowing detail can be track with this feature  :

  •  Notification when SIM Chgange
  •  Data and Time of SIM Changed

How This Feature Useful?

Suppose you lost your mobile phone or your phone being stolen by someone then, whenever they insert a new SIM card or change SIM card then with this feature you get the notification regarding the SIM change in your control panel.

  • Now secure your Android mobile by theft or lost with this Anti-theft feature.
  • Know when your employee changes SIM card because it may leaking sensitive detail of company by that SIM  card.

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