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Website Blocker

Sometimes, it’s necessary to block websites on your kid’s mobile. As their small minds do not understand what is wrong and what is right, So parents have to restrict them by using these types of harmful or adults site.Our Website blocker feature helps parents to fill relax about internet usage of their underaged kids.

Website Blocker  Website Blocker Website Blocker
Following things you can block with website blocker feature :

  •  Particular Website
  •  Block frequently visited site

Why need this feature ?

You need this feature because you can not internet control activities all the time, So it becomes necessary to block some harmful and adults site. Sometimes you need to stop social media activities of your kids. We do not when kids visits which type of sites, so it is a good idea to take action before your kids visit these site.

  • Protect your kids from harmful internet sites.
  • Restrict your kids from using social media for overtimes.
  • Put limits on your kid’s internet usage area.
  • Sleep tension free about what your kid’s watching on internet.

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