SMS Tracker | Read Your Husband’s Text Messages

SMS Tracker | Spy On Text Messages | SpyHuman SMS-Tracker-All-Sent-and-Received-Text-Messages-SpyHuman-300x230 - sms trackerHave you ever noticed your husband messaging privately? Do you suspect that your husband is involved with some other girls? You should know if your suspicion is true or not. For that purpose, SpyHuman might intrigue you. SpyHuman has a state of the art SMS tracker that is capable of tracking all the SMSs of your husband or anyone.

You can even monitor other mobile activities like Call Details, SMS Tracker, Call Recording, Browsing History, Whatsapp chats, Facebook Chats, Location Tracking, Contact Details, App Usage Time, App installed list and much more. And if you are being tried of by monitor put a restriction on Android mobile Like Call Restriction, Website Blocking, Camera Blocking, Wifi Disable, App Blocking.

SpyHuman can be installed, locked and hidden on your husband’s cell phone. All you have to do is install the app on your husband’s cell phone and register for free using your email address. On your email address, you will get access to a dashboard. Whenever his cell phone will have an active internet connection, all the information of the text messages would be transferred to your dashboard. You can read all the text messages with date and time. Not only does SpyHuman has an SMS tracker, but it also has other fantastic spy features that can make it easier for you to know what your husband is doing.

SpyHuman is your complete solution to track your husband’s text messages with the latest SMS tracker. Now you can get complete control over your husband’s activities.


  • by Lulu Posted March 6, 2017 9:14 am

    Something is wrong with this program I’ve sent a few messages over the past few days the update is well junk, I when I first install it i started having problems. I shut the phone off and on because I couldn’t stop the live recording and now it won’t show online, what is that about. I haven’t received any any data since.

  • by Bertha Posted July 22, 2017 3:21 am

    Por qué la aplicación no muestra ningún dato de GPS llamadas ni mensajes dice q no están disponibles

    • by SpyHuman Team Posted July 22, 2017 4:46 am

      Hello Bertha,

      For GPS feature, make sure GPS is ON from the device side.

      Thank You
      – SpyHuman Team

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