How to spy my children text SMS?

SpyHuman is the most popular and user-friendly Android App to monitor the activities of your child.

Nowadays, it’s necessary to track your children’s SMS and their all message history because sometimes they want to tell you something but they are unable to tell you due to any kind of fear.

The children of today’s generation are hiding almost everything from their parents/guardian and it may cause harm to them.

So, here is the easy solution for all the parents and guardians at free of cost.


SpyHuman allows you to view all text messages sent/received/delete on your children’s mobile.

You can monitor all the activities when your child connects with internet.

SpyHuman will provide you the following details of your child’s messaging activities.

  • The content of each text message.

Content of SMS - Text Message Spy CONVERSATION - text message spy

  • Whether it’s sent or received.

SMS Received or Sent - SMS Tracker IN-OUT-SMS - text message spy

  • Details of Sender/Receiver.


  •  The date and time of the text message.

Date And Time of SMS TIME-and-date - text message spy
You can view all details of your children messaging from our easy to use control panel.

Sometimes, knowing to whom your children are texting on his/her mobile and what they are texting, is necessary.

SpyHuman prevents the children from doing anything harmful.


Note: you can see all SMS communication anytime,anywhere  from our easy to use control panel.

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