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Apply Restrictions

You can apply restriction on your kid’s mobile activities. Sometimes kids do not know what they have to do on their mobile or how much time they have to spend, So in this case, it becomes necessary to apply restrictions on your kid’s mobile activities.

apply-restriction  Apply Restriction Apply RestrictionYou can block below things with SpyHuman :

  •  Website Blocker
  •  Camera Blocker
  •  App Block
  •  Wifi Enable/Disable.
  •  Call Restriction

Why need this feature ?

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to have knowledge of which website are visited are kids are visiting frequently. Many times your kids visit a site that they should not have to visit, Sometime continuously wasting times internet and ruin their career, So nowadays it become necessary for parents to check their kid’s internet activities.

  • It may be possible that your children are communicating with the wrong person on the internet.
  • It may possible that your children are visiting harmful or adults sites.
  • Your kids may be wasting time over the internet by social media or other activities.
  • So, Nowadays it becomes necessary to keep watch on your kid’s mobile internet activities.

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