Apply Restriction

Do you need to restrict or control the usage on your target device? Get the Usage Restriction feature from SpyHuman for FREE!

What Can You Restrict?

With the SpyHuman app, you can restriction or control the following things :
Apply Restriction | Block Call, App, Website, WiFi, Camera Apply-Restriction-SpyHUman-300x230 - restriction

  •  Remotely block website access.
  •  Remotely block camera access.
  •  App Block
  •  Remotely Wifi Enable/Disable.
  •  Remotely restrict calls on the target device.

How It Works?

The application, when installed, allows you to control and restrict the usage on target device. You can use the settings available in your online account to control or restrict usage on target device.

Why Should You Use SpyHuman’s Usage Restriction Feature?

  • Parental Monitoring
    As a parent, you will be able to restrict your child from misusing their smartphone in many ways. This will help you keep a check on the activities your child gets involved in.
  • Employee Monitoring
    As an employer, you will be able to restrict your employee’s smartphone usage in many ways. This will help you keep a check on the activities they are getting involved in.
  • No Rooting Required
    You will not be required to root your Android phone to use this feature. Therefore, your phone warranty will stay intact.
  • Free Of Cost
    The Device Information feature is free of cost, which gives it a huge advantage over competitor apps. You can use the same feature for zero cost.

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