GPS Tracker provides real-time location of your children with exact date and time stamp.


GPS Tracking is now very easy with exact longitude and latitude details.


Get idea about the route followed by your children or employee with FREE GPS Tracker.


Testimonial For SpyHuman App by Adam Devine

Thanks to SpyHuman! Now I can monitor my daughter's smartphone activities 24/7, No matter whether I am at home or at work

Adam Devine California
Testimonial For SpyHuman App by Christopher Campbell

No worry regarding business secrets as now I can monitor what my employees are sharing with outside people online or offline

Christopher Campbell Minnesota
Testimonial For SpyHuman Aviesha Stephens

It is much more than monitoring solution, as I can also restrict my child from browsing suspicious website, Thumbs up for SpyHuman

Aviesha Stephens New York

Location Tracker

Do you constantly worried about your kids hangout? Are they visiting any suspicious places without your permission? Or do you worried about your employees hangout? Then, get on to the SpyHuman. SpyHuman’s FREE GPS Tracker help you to track their real-time location with exact latitude and longitude data

Have you ever wondered that your Husband/Wife cheating on you? Is he really at work or hanging out with other girls? Or your spouse really going shopping with her girlfriend or watching movie with other guy? If any of these questions arises in your mind then, you can get answer of all these questions with the Spy

Human’s GPS Location Tracker feature. The SpyHuman application allows you to spy on your Wife/Husband silently without being known by them. Is your life partner start keeping distance from you then yes, it is the right time to get into the SpyHuman.

Moreover, if you are a parent of teenager children then also it will also going to help you. Being a parent you should know whether you child is lying to you? Is he/she really going to school every day or hanging out with other useless guys? What are the places they are visiting frequently? Are they really in contact with some bad guys? GPS location tracker will help you to get answer of all these questions without being known by your children.

How the GPS Tracking Going to Help you?

  • Get the exact location of targeted phone with date and time

  • Get the details about the places frequently visited by your loved ones

  • Easily catch your Wife/Husband is lying to you or not

  • Find the people who are witnessed an accident while hiking or skiing

  • It will really help to the rescuers team to find the injured and lost people.

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