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App Tracker

It’s really great feature that shows you the list of all apps which are installed in target android phone with installation date and time. And reduce the risk by knowing what applications are installed by your children or employees.

App Tracker | SpyHuman app tracker App Tracker applicationApp Tracker feature proves most useful in monitoring your kids.

This feature will provide you following details :

  • Name of App installed in target device
  • Date & time of installation.

why this feature is useful ?

There are many android applications in the market, which are harmful to your children or may be threatened the security of your organization. With the SpyHuman’s App tracker feature you can make sure that nothing is going to harm your company’s or your child’s security.

  • It’s important to know which apps are installed on your kids mobile with app tracker, so you can get idea where they are spending their most of time.
  • To get which apps are installed on your employee mobile is important because we should have idea where they are investing there most of time during office hours.
  • Monitor all new applications are installed on targeted phone like Games, Social apps, Productivity apps, Personalized apps and more.
  • Provide safe and secure smartphone experience to your children with app tracker feature.
  • App tracker allow you to make sure that nothing inappropriate activities are going on your children and employees smartphones.

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