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Ambience Voice

SpyHuman’s ambience voice allows you to record the phone surrounding remotely from anywhere in the world. It is not simple call recording but, more than this. Call recording only allows you to record the voice over calling but, the ambience voice record the real time voice when the device is connected to the internet.

Ambience Voice | SpyHuman App ambience voice Ambience Voice live

This feature can be used in following situations:

  • Record surrounding voice remotely
  • Listen what the people are talking about you
  • Know what your employees are gossiping during working hour
  • Record what your children are gossiping with their friends.

Why this feature is most useful ?

With the SpyHuman’s ambience voice feature you can actually record the real time voice around the targeted device. If you are employer then, sometimes it is very essential to know how your employees are interacting with each other or with outside people. Are they really leaking any secret information to your competitors? Just download and install the SpyHuman application on their android phone and start listening all their gossiping remotely.

  • Some time listing discussion of your child is necessary,because it may possible they are hiding something from you.
  • Many times it is really important to listen your employee’s group discussion to improve your management and business so you can gain more profit.
  • Many a time people are talking about you at your back and it is necessary listen these conversation otherwise you may have to face big problem in life.

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