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SMS Details
Location Tracker
Contact Book
Ambience Voice
Photos & Image Tracker
Application Tracker
Device Information

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SpyHuman is one of the best spy apps to monitor your child’s activities or get eyes on your employee’s activities during working hour. SpyHuman application works silently on targeted device and provides all information regarding the activities done on that device like Facebook, Whatsapp conversations, Call logs, GPS Location, Text messages etc. Just follow step by step instruction and enjoy all the monitoring features at free of cost.

Call Logs

SpyHuman provides you all the call log details like outgoing/incoming call, Mobile numbers, Call duration and also record all those call with single click.

Call Logs,Call Recording,Incoming Calls Restriction

Call Tracker - SpyHuman - Free Android Spy App
SMS Tracker - SpyHuman - Free Android Mobile Tracker App

Text Message Tracker

Our software allows you to view and read all sent/received text and multimedia messages on targeted device. The SpyHuman provides the entire text message conversations at your finger tip.

View entire text message conversations

GPS Location

View the complete history of routes travelled by the targeted device with the SpyHuman’s GPS tracking feature at anytime. Get the exact location details with pin-point accuracy with accurate longitude and latitude details.

Current GPS Location

Location Tracker Android - SpyHuman
Contact Tracker - SpyHuman - Free Android Mobile Tracker App

Contact Book

SpyHuman allows you to view each and every contacts saved on targeted device with saved name and other details. Spy full phone contacts book of targeted device silently and access all the information related to them.

Features :
Contact Book

Social Media Tracker

SpyHuman allows you to read all received messages of Whatapp, Facebook, WeChat, Instagram with all the details of messages.

Facebook, Whatsapp,WeChat,Instagram

Track Social Media app Facebook Spy ,Whatsapp Tracker - SpyHuman
Ambience Voice - Real Time Recorder for Android -SpyHuman

Ambience Voice

With the Ambience voice feature record the real time voice around the targeted phones when, the device is connected to the internet. You can remotely record the targeted phone’s surrounding voice chatting with single click.

Live Recording

Image & Photo Tracker

The SpyHuman spy app allows you to see any photos that have been saved on the targeted device. And whenever the targeted user would capture a photo, it will be automatically uploaded to your control panel.

View Photos

Image Tracker - SpyHuman - Free Android Mobile Tracker App
App Tracker - SpyHuman - Free Android Mobile Tracker App

Application Tracker

Determines what are the apps get installed on the targeted device. App trackers allow you to make sure that nothing inappropriate activities are going on.

List of Installed App
App Blocking

Device Information

SpyHuman provides you device information like IMEI no., Android Version, Operator Name, Battery Status, Last Seen Online, Storage Status, And many other things.

Device Information

Device Information - SpyHuman - Free Android Mobile Tracker App